Show Dates

The Toronto Comic Book Show is a regular Comic Book Pop Up Show and Sale which takes place in Toronto, Ontario at the at The Toronto Plaza Hotel. The Toronto Plaza Hotel is located at 1677 Wilson Ave @hwy 400/401. Minutes from Yorkdale Mall and Toronto Pearson Airport.

The show happens from 10am – 4pm. Admission is $5 Kids under 12 are free

Toronto Comic Book Show


Sunday February 18th, 2018
Sunday April 29th, 2018
Sunday June 24th, 2018
Sunday August 19th, 2018
Sunday September 30th, 2018
Sunday November 25th, 2018


Sunday May 25th, 2014
Sunday July 6th, 2014
Sunday September 14th, 2014
Sunday October 26th, 2014
Sunday December 7th, 2014

Sunday February 22nd, 2015
Sunday April 19th, 2015
Sunday June 14th, 2015
Sunday August, 16th, 2015
Sunday November 22nd, 2015
Sunday December 27th, 2015

Sunday February 21st, 2016
Sunday April 24th, 2016
Sunday June 12th, 2016
Sunday September, 25th, 2016
Sunday November 27th, 2016
Monday December 26th, 2016

Sunday February 19th, 2017
Sunday April 30th, 2017
Sunday June 25th, 2017
Sunday August 13th, 2017
Sunday September, 24th, 2017
Sunday November 26th, 2017
Wednesday December 27th, 2017

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